Code of Aethics™

Athletics + Ethics = Aethics™

In today’s world where ethics are at a low and CBD production is at an all time high, we believe athletes need a trusted source for Sports Wellness CBD Products. The words “athletics” and “ethics” speak to our core values as people and how we want our athletes to feel about us. We know there are a lot of unanswered questions in regards to the use of CBD in sports and we hope you will come to us as a trusted source to be “coached up” on Cannabidiol.

Product Quality

We are committed to producing high-quality natural products globally. We maintain the athlete’s trust by manufacturing superior products, starting with the growing of our own hemp plants and continuing until the finished product reaches the consumers’ hands. We are also committed to developing new products in an ethical and responsible manner, and to following applicable ethical standards and guidelines relating to CBD research. As a company we take the food and safety approach when manufacturing our products to guarantee preparation for regulatory laws. We are very alert for situations that could compromise our products. If there is something that could negatively affect the quality of an Aethics™ product it is reported immediately by our Aethics™ employees.

Responsible Marketing

We will always market our products responsibly. We hope our products will help millions of lives each day, so we understand the value of trust and honesty. Our product marketing must reflect our company’s high ethical standards, and be truthful, understandable and in compliance with all state and federal laws. We will be transparent about the qualities of our products and always be truthful about product claims on our packaging and statements in our advertising or labels. It is also very important to us that there are no claims about our products, product ingredients, or health effects without adequate substantiation and research. Our marketing programs conform to applicable laws and regulations as well as applicable policies of federal and state law, including marketing to children.