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Testimonials "I've been using Aethics™ all natural Muscle Rescue Lotion. I had shoulder surgery a few years ago and didn't let it heal properly and have had problems ever since. Their lotion is the perfect all natural pain relief." - @trainerkelli Learn More Testimonials "This stuff is amazing. As an avid mountain biker and ultra runner, I am able to push myself harder than ever, knowing I have this to come to."

- Brian, Mountain Biker
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Testimonials "This oil is absolutely amazing. I have T band damage, back, hip and foot injuries. My daughter bought me this at Christmas and within two weeks I was virtually pain free. I could be active much longer, and noticed no foot pain. I would recommend this to anyone with fibromyalgia, permanent pain from accidents, or aching joints. Thank you Kristina, and Thank you Aethics™" - Rosemarie Mullenix, Athlete
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