Strasburg Pharm Certification


  • We guarantee our seeds to be hemp and from the state of Colorado. We test all seeds for the highest potency of hemp plants with the best terpene profile available.


  • Our growing process exceeds all state and federal organic growing requirement while using manure and fresh well water from the Rocky Mountains.
  • All of our pests are controlled organically and without chemicals.
  • We use bio—degradable mulch to protect from additional waste hazards during harvest.
  • Our hydration process is proven to conserve 80% of water to prevent from water waste from our environment.


  • Our crop is hand cut and flash dried to preserve tricons for superior product potency.


  • We use an in-house Cold Fusion process to wash our plants with food-grade ethanol, so that we ensure the customer receives exactly what is listed on our product labeling. See Code of Aethics for additional marketing messaging promise.
  • Guaranteed Full-Spectrum CBD

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